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Mending ngomong kasar tapi bener atau ngomong lembut tapi salah?
irinepraptiningtyas irinepraptiningtyas Said:

Tidak ada “mendingan” dalam dua keburukan, yang ada adalah “mendingan” dalam dua ketaatan.

Saya lebih sepakat sama prinsip di atas. Bergerak perlahan dalam memperbaiki diri rasanya lebih menyenangkan daripada disibukkan oleh pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang ga punya efek banyak buat mendorong kita ke arah kebaikan. #sotoy #haha

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Kira2 kenapa saya perlu memilih cara yang islami untuk menikah?
irinepraptiningtyas irinepraptiningtyas Said:

Because you deserve to be loved with the right way and for all the right reasons. #jawabansotoy #sayabelumnikah #hehe

Assalamu’alaykum temen2. Punya banyak kertas reuse A4 satu sisi? Bingung mau diapain? Yuk manfaatin tumpukan kertasnya dalam rangka amal. Satu kata “iya” dari kamu bisa berarti satu buku bacaan buat anak-anak yang kurang mampu. Tertarik? Silakan pm irin (08562059503) ya. Makasih :D


Semangat Pemburu Surga :”)
Ini orasinya sesuatu banget. Ah.. suka sangat sama beliau :”)


10 beautifully useful things made from ‘useless’ trash
By ‘inspiring the world to see waste differently,’ a new book challenges old ideas about what garbage is.


light pollution is largely the result poorly designed lighting, which wastes energy shining outward to the sky, where it is unwanted, instead of downwards to the ground, where it is needed. billions are spent each year on unshielded outdoor lights, though they are directly responsible for 14.7 million tons of carbon dioxide waste in the u.s. alone.

our overlit cities and suburbs have radically altered the light rhythms to which many forms of life, including diurnal animals such as ourselves, have adapted, disrupting the migratory, reproductive and feeding cycles of nocturnal creatures in potentially devastating ways.

light, for example, makes nocturnal animals easier prey, and acts as a magnet for birds, with the latter effect so powerful that scientists speak of some birds being literally “captured” by searchlights, circling in the thousands until they drop. the effect was notably observed in new york’s tribute of lights.

the effect on humans is just as profound. darkness is not only essential to our biological welfare (with light pollution linked to breast and prostate cancer), but the light of the stars and the rhythms of day and night is part our collective evolutionary and cultural patrimony. yet, two thirds of humanity live under skies polluted with light, while one fifth of the planet can no longer see the milky way.

photos by jim richardson from his series “death of night,” to consider during earth hour, which is saturday, march 29 at 8:30pm.


Styles of Writing

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amazingly detailed wooden sculpture by Roxy Paine

An Incredibly Detailed Wood Replica Of A Fast Food Joint To Make You Question Fast Food

First, it looks like a typical restaurant in miniature. Then you look a little closer.

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the first thing I thought of was THIS WILL BE GOOD FOR THE ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE! nerd.

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